Who Is ISIS anyway?


Several years ago, the world witnessed the most barbaric, devious, disgusting images and video from a group who calls themselves Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) – sometimes referred to IS (Islamic State) or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).  This group actually formed prior to several years ago.

Who are they and where did they come from? Who is ISIS, anyway?

In 2003, The United States invaded Iraq (via air and ground) in Gulf War II to finish what they failed to do in 1990 in Gulf War II.  Now, the objective in 1990 was not to invade Iraq or topple their leader.  It was only to liberate Kuwait who was invaded by Iraq – who at the time had the world’s 4th largest military in the world.  After the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the overthrow of their leader (President Saddam Hussein), the country went into chaos.

Iraq is primarily formed of 3 major people, 1) Arabs  -countrywide, 2) Kurds -mostly in the North and 3) Persians – mostly in the South.  The country was divided and lead by Hussein. When the country was overthrown in 2003, the United States took over and helped Iraq build a young democracy.  When Iraq took back control under their newly formed government, a Congress (in the form of a Parliament) was formed giving equal representation for the Iraqi people.  Well, that did not go over well with all Iraqis, particularly the ones who where extremely loyal to Saddam, the Baath party and smaller factions of the Sunni Muslims.

Remnants of the Baath party fled to neighboring Syria and began congregating their method to retake Iraq and beyond.  They started plotting for a new movement – a Caliphate.  As of 2016, the Caliphate has formed covering beyond Syria and Iraq, into Northern Africa and beyond.

What is their aim?  What are they trying to accomplish?  What is their purpose?  Is it to spread the religion and covert all in their path?  Is it terrorism?  Is it both?

Some argue they are just that – a group of disgruntled Muslims who are hell bent on converting the entire world population.  Others argue they are in part funded and guided by Western factions, namely United States Governmental entities.  Why? To continue to destabilize the Middle East.  There is strong evidence of both of these views.

Why do they threaten the West and the United States in particular?

It goes back to before World War I.  The Middle East was divided into modern-day Arab countries. Borderlines were drawn and nomadic Arabs were forced to live nation-states called Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc.  As part of this arrangement, these Arab countries were promised peace and that European and Western influence (economy, military, etc) would not get in the way of Arab leaders to lead their own respective Countries.  Fast-forward 2016, the promise has yet to be fulfilled.  In fact, things are worse.  Arab Countries are more divided than ever, economies are near non-existent, trade seems to be halted and so on.  Most people have emigrated out of these Countries leaving behind the most indigent and reckless to rule the governments.  The Caliphate is a promise to take back control of what was promised during World War I.  It is ISIS’s pledge to return those Countries to the status quo.

For now, it appears ISIS is here to stay.  As they continue to grow and threaten the West, it is cause for concern.   With a Presidential Election looming in the West, something continues to brew in the Middle East and it is not the scorching temperatures common in those lands near the equator.  It is a war of ideas.

What do you think of these recent developments?  Discuss.


Is “See Something, Say Something” Really The Best Policy for America?


Recently, the Federal Government under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) implemented a policy entitled, “If You See Something, Say Something.”   The Government’s position is that we all have a responsibility to watch over each other to keep our communities safe through awareness-building, partnerships and other outreach.   Online, the DHS website describes suspicious activity and how to report such acts.   While, the website disclaims that this program preserves and protects individual liberties and citizen’s privacy, the campaign is heavily focused on snitching on your fellow countrymen and countrywomen.

The ultimate issue is whether we want citizens snitching on each other or simply allowing our law enforcement to do their job.

In Nazi Germany, the government employed similar citizenry tactics to gain intelligence and other information, data, etc from it’s citizens.  The German government in turn used that data to push and justify their evil acts to persecute and eliminate Jews.

While the US Government may not be interested in eliminating segments of its population for whatever reason, it is a little troubling to see the same methods employed (tailored for modern times).  It is borderline tyrannical.

So, this begs several questions.  Does the “See Something, Say Something” policy infringe on our rights.  Do these types of programs bother you?  Is this really a policy we want for the United States?  Discuss.

Was Justice Scalia Murdered?


First, may Justice Scalia rest in peace and prayers to his family and next-of-kin.  He was a champion of the U.S. Constitution, a Giant of the Law and a Great American.

Second, what on earth happened?  We are told he denied his security and traveled on his own to Marfa,  Texas for a hunting trip.  He went to dinner with friends stating he was “not feeling well.” He excused himself and was in bed by a reasonable hour.  The next morning he was found dead, by the owner of the resort, with a pillow “above” his head. His death was ruled as natural causes by the County Coroner.  His body was removed, fluids drained and transported immediately to Virginia.  That’s the story given to the public and nobody in the establishment media has questioned any part of this.

This begs the question.  Was Scalia Murdered?

Seems kind of suspicious.  Here is why…

  1. An autopsy normally is conducted to rule out foul play (including homicide).  There was no autopsy in this case;
  2. The County Coroner ruled his death as “natural causes” over the phone (without seeing or evaluating the body);
  3. He was traveling without any security;
  4. He was provided a free trip to go hunting;
  5. The owner of the resort was an Obama Campaign donor;
  6. The owner of the resort was the individual who discovered Scalia dead in the bed;
  7. The story has changed multiple times (including pillow not being over his head suggesting suffocation rather it was literally above his head against the head board);
  8. Nobody in the media is questioning any of this;
  9. Justice Scalia was the last true Conservative Justice on the high Court;
  10. Justice Scalia was set to rule on several controversial rulings (Abortion, Gun Rights, etc)
  11. He was the last Justice who got in the way of the hardcore leftist liberal powers that be;
  12. Obama does not attend Scalia’s funeral;
  13. Obama jokes about Scalia’s death.

Now, let’s think about it for a minute.  This wasn’t some nobody who just died at a resort. He was a public figure, who sat on the highest Court in the land.  The public deserves to know what truly happened.  Whether it was a natural death or murder, the one thing that remains prevalent here is that we may never ever know what truly happened in this tragic story.

So, was Justice Scalia murdered?  Discuss.